Ganbatte Melon

Feb 5, 2019

Ganbatte Melon is an Anime merchandise vendor that is locally owned and operated by Catherine “Melon” Lee and friends. It grew out of Melon’s desire to bring official and interesting anime memorabilia to local fans, who needed a trustworthy place to get items they desired.

Being a fan of Japanese animation since she was little, Melon found it frustrating that it was difficult to find the merchandise she wanted locally. It took a long time for the world (and the internet) to catch up with her desire for access to some of the coolest items related to favorite shows. Sometimes it was also difficult to ensure that whatever could be found was legitimate and licensed. With conventions becoming more prevalent in the last several years, she decided to dig deep into the bowels of the internet, find contacts, and embark on this venture to be a wonderful source of anime goodies. Ganbatte Melon, which roughly translates to “go for it, Melon,” is the business she created.

Ganbatte Melon focuses mainly on bringing figures, wallscrolls, plushies, bags, wallets, gashapon and any other interesting accessories that Melon and her crew can find. We work hard to try and stock the latest and greatest collectibles and memorabilia at competitive prices. It is one of our main goals, as a small business, to find merchandise from series that we love and that you love, and when we can connect you with something that you can cherish, that is one of the best parts of the business.

Melon also takes client requests. Is there something in particular you are looking for? A grail item? Let her know through email or facebook and she will do her best to bring it to you!

Email: [email protected]

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