Cherry Cheezy

Feb 7, 2019

My name is Erin but online I’m known as CherryCheezy or CC. I’m a 25 year old artist from Dayton, Ohio! I spent much of my formative years in Japan and it led me to having a fascination with Japanese culture. Particularly kawaii culture. From a young age I’ve liked to draw cute girls in magical worlds. This inspiration came from well known anime and manga series like Sailor Moon, Tokyo Mew Mew, Princess Tutu and Ojamojo Doremi. These series sparked my interest immediately when I was a child. I was definitely hooked on anime. Magical girls have served as personal idols of mine while growing up and I still enjoy watching the genre to this day. It has shaped my art style even into my adult years. I like to take magical and dreamy elements to create artwork that is pleasantly cute to look at.

I opened my online shop in 2016 to start creating products with my original illustrations and designs. This has led me down the path of creating cute items for people all around the world! I have sold my artwork and products to over 30+ countries. It is a dream come true to provide Japanese inspired fashion and cute illustrations to so many people worldwide. I hope for anyone who wears my designs to feel as enchanting as any magical girl they idolize! I want to help spread kawaii culture around the world and unite all those who enjoy it. I look forward to seeing you all at Magical Girl Day Houston!

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