Apr 14, 2019

Hi! Hi! My name’s Rosio or better known as Hana-Ichigo! I’m a local Houston artist specializing in shojo and magical cuteness. I’ve had a deep love for magical girls ever since I found Tokyo Mew Mew and Magical Doremi on my Saturday morning cartoons. Since that point I’ve never looked back on wanting to draw the cutest girls and frilliest outfits my wild imagination could come up with. I remember looking at these girls and feeling my heart flutter with excitement when they would transform and do their signature attacks (I still mimic them lol). My love was furthered when I discovered Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, Creamy Mami,

Pretty Cure and so much more.The magical girl genre along with the blessed shojo beat, has helped me develop my style which itself is my own homage for my love of it.

My products consists of prints both big and small for any wall space size you may have! I also have stickers with holo and glitter galore, buttons/badges big and small, cute pins, and acrylic charms! I also offer custom commissions for pieces I don’t have on hand that your itching to have a part of your collection.

I have a heavy goal to create as many cute pieces of art to share with everyone and hope you share the same love I do. I can’t wait to see all you beautiful senshies and cures at Magical Girl Day 2019! Lets make this one magical year and have a great time!

Much love!

Cutie Bunni Cutie Bunni