Pen and Pink

Apr 15, 2019

Hello! I’m Sydney Anderson, a Houston raised and based sequential artist specializing in cute and feminine designs, characters and stories. I earned my masters degree in sequential arts in 2017 at the Savannah College of Art and Design. After graduation I returned to my homeland Texas to focus on freelancing, creating my own comics and to start working and selling at conventions around the county.

Under the moniker Pen and Pink I create and sell a variety of illustrations, stickers and other goods infused with the whimsical aesthetic of both the classic and more modern magical girl charms I fell in love with from all of my years of watching and being inspired by Japanese anime. The messages of hope, power of friendship as well as the kawaii culture aesthetic have always drawn me into the world of Magical Girls and they have had a powerful impact on my work. I tend to focus on creating and showcasing more diverse characters of color in this genre often not only as a reflection of myself, but because anyone regardless of background can become a magical girl and I hope to express that through my art. Pulling from my space-centric Houston upbringing I work to create a visual fusion of magical fantasy and science-fiction that I hope to express my dreams of a magical glittering future through. I have a strong desire to bring a bit of magic to both my everyday life and my art so it’s not unusual for myself and my wares to be covered in glitter, filled with sparkles or laminated in rainbow holographics. I hope everyone who sees it will allow my art to fill their day with a little magic as well.