Pretty Pastel Studios

May 9, 2019

Pretty Pastel Studios is a pastel themed art studio, that focuses primarily on soft colors and cute magical themes.

The artist “Melly” loves to talk about all things magical girl and horror! She enjoys creating both fanart and original illustrations. Melly has designed Keychains, enamel pins, lanyards, sketchbooks, and brand new this year, apparel! Also making a come back after 2 years, card wallets!

She also has an online shop where she sells most of her merchandise on Etsy.
Get to know the artist: Melly is a lefty, blind without her glasses, enjoys anime and video games, never knows her left from her right, Hispanic American, can speak Spanish poorly but understands it not as poorly, likes to be upbeat and friendly.

Bit of background:

  • Melly started drawing seriously at age 14 after seeing her best friend drawing an anime character next to her in class. She also learnt what anime was.
  • Began attending anime conventions in 2005 and dreamed of one day being apart of the artist alley.
  • Went to art school and has a BA in animation.
  • Started tabling as an artist at conventions in 2015.

She hopes to meet you all at Magical Girl Day! Come say hello!