Sugar, Spice, and a Sparkling Fight!: A Magical Fashion Show

Sugar, spice, and everything nice. These are ingredients chosen to create the perfect magical girls. But Houston, there seems to be a problem… Someone has broken into our museum and taken all of the relics of past magic users as if they were a phantom thief! With nowhere left to turn, we’ve called back the magical teams Ota-Q and Starpo to help retrieve our precious items from a new villain, Sugarysymbiote! Can our returning teams save the day or maybe even help the devious team Sugary Symbiote have a change of heart? The battle starts Saturday night. Magic users, we’re counting on you!




Looking to shine bright!? Starpo Shop is the brand that caters to all of your JFashion needs. From Uuchu to Mahou and everything in between, Starpo Shop has it all!


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Ota-Q Apparel is a Houston-based Harajuku inspired indie brand that focuses on making cute clothing available for all sizes and gender identities! Based off the concept of mixing “otaku” and “cute”, the brand specializes in cute, colorful styles from Menhera to Mahou Kei!


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SugarySymbiote is a digital illustrator who enjoys all things pastel, glittery and cute with a monstrous edge.

Inspired by cute detailed fashions and all things on the scary or creepy side, SugarySymbiote embodies a world of sweet sugary pastels enveloped in corrupted cuteness while depicting and empowering women of color. SugarySymbiote embodies a world of sickly sweet style and corrupted black girl magic which is certain to stick to you through time.