La Parfait Shoppe

Nice to meet you. My name is Ali and I’m from San Antonio. I love my cat daughter, Duchess, even though I did not gain any magical powers from her. I will admit, I haven’t seen as many magical girl shows as I would like to, but my favorite is Sailor Moon.

I have a full time job at a pet store, but started selling items at cons two years ago for fun. It has been a blast and I have made a lot of good friends. I hope I can get better at drawing and travel to more places with this hobby. Maybe one day I can do a con outside of Texas. I like doing original designs with cute witches or sexy demon ladies. I also love collecting original art from other creators. My favorite kawaii style artists are Manamoko, Yumenouchi, and Eku Uekura. I think you can see it in my style too. I like pastel, but add black.

When I am not at work, I am feeding my coffee and Youtube addictions. I am also on Instagram 24/7, it’s a problem. My other favorite things are Kpop and Kdramas. I am always taking recommendations on what to listen or watch next. My birthday is August 8th, so I am really looking forward to a great Magical Girl Day! Thank you!