S2HEART is the studio name by artist Susanna “Bunny” Yi. She creates original and fan art illustrations inspired by women and girls of all sizes and shades. In addition she designs accessories like enamel pins, keychains and cosmetic pouches as well as screen printed apparel and stationary to bring a little bit of magical kawaii and sparkle to your day so you can be your best mahou shoujo self.

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S2 Heart is our official badge artist for Magical Girl Day 2020! She was kind enough not only to take time out of her busy convention and artistic schedule to create a one of kind badge for us, but a special message to everyone at Magical Girl Day as well!

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Magical Girl Day is a really special show to me. I love the organizers, staff, attendees and other vendors. I’ve made really great friends through this show as well as receiving a lot of healing love and support. The experiences of MGD really inspired me to make this year’s mascot, Stella.

I love magical girls and my favorite is still Sailor Moon. Also knowing MGD was originally a Sailor Moon Day show is pretty amazing. I love that Sailor Moon was space related and playing on that theme, I wanted to make a Star Magical Girl.

It was important for me to make her tan because I love how many of the attendees at MGD are tan as well as Houston in general so I wanted the mascot to be representative of that.

MGD is SUCH A FASHION SHOW. From other artist apparel brands, to staffers to attendees, this is honestly the most fashionable show in my year. Everyone is fearless with colors and accessories so I had so much fun making her pastel kei with elements from Lolita fashion and Fairy Kei and all the frills.

At the end of the weekend, when I look back at MGD, it is always a dreamy weekend so I went with a pastel color theme to evoke that happy, dreamy quality.

S2 Heart Magical Girl Day Badge 2020