Have you always wanted to dress as your favorite Magical characters? Do you like owning a stage with your Magical qualities or creativity? Have you always wanted to join the Cosplay Contest at Magical Girl Day?

Well, the wait is over!

Now is the time to join the Cosplay Contest at Houston’s Magical Girl Day! You or your group will be strutting your stuff on our main stage in this awesome event full of creativity, personality, and fun!


  • All Cosplay must be family-friendly. Please keep it PG! Body paint, latex pasties, thongs, etc. are not considered adequate body coverage on their own. If your costume does not meet this standard, you will be asked to change or will not be permitted to walk the main stage.
  • Cosplays must be Magical Girl themed! We want to keep with the theme of the over all convention, so please keep this in mind.
  • All contestants MUST have purchased a badge to participate. We will be checking at line-up.
  • Store bought and handmade Cosplay will both be allowed to compete, as we want as many people to join as possible!
  • Main prizes will be open to both categories! It’s anyone’s game.
  • A separate award will be granted to those who want to be judged for craftsmanship. No bought costumes will be accepted to receive this prize.
  • All parties/individuals will be judged on stage presence, costumes, and character portrayal.
  • Please practice good sportsmanship and be kind to your fellow competitors! Rude behavior, offensive remarks or insults toward staff, judges, or any entrants will be considered grounds for removal.
  • Everything brought onto the stage during the contest MUST be removed at the end of the walk-on. Confetti, glitter, flower petals, and water are not allowed to be brought on the stage.
  • By entering this contest you agree to read and abide by all rules as posted and that failure to do so will result in your disqualification from the contest and/or removal from the event.
  • Check in is Mandatory for those signing up 30 minutes before the scheduled event.
  • Upon check-in, all entries will be required to sign their entry form to show that they have read the rules and agree to abide by them or be dropped from the contest. This will also be used to secure your place in the contest.
  • If you do not check in, your sign up will be removed from line up.
  • Please message the Cosplay Contest coordinator, should you know you will no longer be able to participate 3-2 days prior to the event at: cosplay@magicalgirlday.com