We are pleased to announce our first guest for Magical Girl Day! She has confirmed that she will be at Magical Girl Day for both days and we are now busy planning her schedule for the August 4/5 weekend! Stay tuned!


Holly Gloha is an award-winning cosplayer, with over 8 years of experience in performing at conventions. She has won awards ranging from Best in Show to Judges Award, and is renowned for her craftsmanship and intricacies that she dedicates to her costumes. She has done a myriad of interviews on the topic of cosplay, and has been featured in magazines websites. She can be found either geeking over the newest in Magical Girl themed designs, or camped in front of her sewing machine creating her new cosplay.

Twitter: @Gloha_h
Instagram: HollyGloha

Sailor Venus Photographer: Angelwing
NoFlutter Sailor Venus Photographer: Bokeholics
Homura Photographer: Dawnfyre Studios
Red Hearts Fairy Photographer: Andrew Stevens Photography
Kirakishou Photographer: Cosplay Composites by Kris Kehe