Ota-Q, a local fashion designer here in Houston will be hosting their fashion show at Magical Girl Day on August 4/5!  She will be showcasing all of her latest designs!


Ota-Q (pronounced o-ta-kyu) is an Indie J-fashion brand owned by Courtney Skinner or Callie-O! Its unique name is a combination of the Japanese word otaku (おたく), which means a person who is obsessed with Japanese pop culture, and cute (キュト)! The brand offers a wide range of colorful, quirky clothing from size extra small to 5XL. Courtney hopes to encourage people of all shapes and sizes to wear what they love and express themselves through her artwork and nerdy designs!

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/otaqapparel/
Instagram: @otaqapparel
Website: www.ota-q.store