We are pleased to announce our next fashion designer who will be showcasing their line! Check them out below!


Star is the owner of Starpo Shop, a shop influenced by her love of Harajuku, Kawaii fashion, and her friends! Ever since creating a faux storefront for her Senior Project, she has been inspired to create her own brand. Each product features an original character design complete with their own backstory.

Star believes that clothes are genderless and offer the best way to represent who you are without saying a word. Many of her Star Systems (collections) can be purchased from her storenvy www.starposhop.storenvy.com. In person, at Kawaii NOLA, or at MechaCon in Kawaii Korner!

With sizes ranging from XS to 5X, and a palette of pastels to match, Star believes anyone can be Kawaii and wants to spread the love of the galaxies. Kawaii is what you make it! And anyone can be Kawaii!

You can find Star on Facebook at Starpo Shop and Design, Twitter @starposhop, and Youtube as Star Berry!~

“Remember to Shoot for the Stars and spread warmth and love to others!” -Star

Starpo Shop

Starpo Shop

Starpo Shop