Tyler Willis is the creator behind Last Week Lolita News, a Lolita Fashion News Show made specifically for people who would take out your left eye with a parasol if they thought it would get them even an inch closer to getting their dream dress.

She discusses the happenings of the week in Lolita, dissects the general bickering into satisfying soundbites, and generally works as a giant envoy of catharsis for the Lolita Community at large.


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Panel – Surviving the Lolita Community with Scarfing Scarves
Date and Time: TBA

An Improv game where five people try to survive by answering questions submitted by you! Four panelists remain a mystery, one is a salty reporter, and all five of them are in for the verbal fight of their lives as they attempt to answer prompts without boring the lot of us to death!

These mystery panelists will be selected at the start of the panel.

Will you be the last one standing?