2018 Sponsors and Vendors

Thank you for your interest in being one of our sponsors/vendors. Our interest list has filled up much quicker than we had expected and for the first time since we began (back when it was still called International Sailor Moon Day), we have had to create a rolling waiting list. We welcome additional interested vendors to fill out the form below but as of today (1/30/18), it is highly unlikely we will be able to accommodate any vendors applying after today.

We thank you for your interest and hope that you would join us at Magical Girl Day as an attendee!  If you have any additional questions regarding sponsorships and vendor booths, please email us at sv@magicalgirlday.com.


Returning for 2018 will be sponsors alongside our vendors.  Also returning for 2018 will be all of our banners, the large photography area we had before, and additional signage that we will be utilizing every chance we get.  Because we get to start promoting earlier than ever before, and because we get 2 days to schedule and program the event, Sponsors will benefit from the additional exposure from the moment that they're signed on all the way to the weekend of the event.

To provide the best possible experience for our attendees, we will limit the number of the returning vendors and kindly ask that those interested fill out the form at the end of this page.  As before, we will give preference to those who feature uniquely Magical Girl themed creations. What each vendor is able to present as part of their product catalog will be closely reviewed before we finalize the vendors acceptance for 2018.

Please note, all sponsors and vendors will have to agree to the following:

  • That they have or will have a valid reseller's license issued by the Texas Comptroller on the day of the event IF they are actively selling products and/or services on site.
  • That the vendor's products and/or designs are not bootleg, illegal, or copyrighted material.
  • That the products and/or designs are rated PG.  (No adults products or designs; suggestive, implied, or otherwise)
  • That they must occupy their space for the duration of the event.
  • Products and/or designs are related to or derivatives of Magical Girl animations.
  • Understand and follow the 3 tenets of vending at Magical Girl Day:
    • Have a professional appearance and attitude.
    • Have respect for diversity.
    • And be responsible with your business ethics.

To be put on the interest list, please fill out the form below: